5 Reasons why Hayco New Product Introduction Team
Design and Develop Better Products Faster


1. Accelerate Time to Market with in-house Design team

Our NPD team is based in Shenzhen, China, at the heart of our manufacturing complex. Over 100 Engineers from around the world form our Front-End Innovation, Industrial Design, Development and Engineering, Packaging, and Electronics teams.

In-house NPD makes the process faster and more straightforward. Where possible, we create products utilizing the facilities and technologies we’ve already mastered. When necessary, we can then focus extra efforts on breaking new ground.


2. Structured New Product Development unlocks Creativity

We have a well-defined, systematic approach to the complete design process giving clear guidance to the project teams on what work is required at each stage of each type of project to ensure success. We’ve found that by systemizing the process it frees the minds of the teams, allowing them to be creative with their ideas and solutions rather than turning into administrators and bureaucrats.

The process also helps our customers understand what we’re doing, allowing them to align their activities and inputs. We believe in using consumer insights to inform our design work, channeling these inputs effectively is critical to success.

3. Seamless Communication

Getting close to our customers is critical; this starts with listening. We invest significant time and effort to really understand what our customers want. We’ll then suggest the level of technical support required and establish a cross-functional team to work side-by-side with the customer’s team.

We understand product design and we understand how to apply design from a production perspective. The consumer insights from our customers, combined with our ability to translate these into practical, robust manufacturing solutions, are the key to developing award-winning products

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4. Efficient Design for Manufacturing

Adopting Design for Manufacturing (DFM) upfront as an integral part of the product development process produces higher quality products, lower product cost, and shorter product development cycles. Early engagement allows us to design out any potential problems before they occur.

5. Integrated Manufacturing Operations and Supplier Partnership

Our integrated approach includes working with our manufacturing operations and supplier partners to prepare precise specifications and test protocols to ensure that everything entering and leaving our factories meets our standards. When tackling new challenges, we’ll research deeply to ensure we’re working with the experts.

Result: Improved Product Quality and Higher Customer Satisfaction

Bringing structure and certainty to the product development process helps manage and regulate the inputs and outputs and allows the technical teams to focus their minds on the challenging and creative process of developing great products with a fully integrated manufacturing solution. Whether it’s thousands or millions a month we can help shape both the product and the manufacturing processes to make it come to life.