Manager- Purchasing

Job Responsibilities

  1. Check capacity analysis and recommend solutions to make sure we don't have capacity constraint to meet demands.
  2. Ensure materials are ordered and in stock to meet company requirements while maintaining acceptable inventory level.
  3. Check master production schedule and balance production plan based on order priority to ensure all orders can be produced on time.
  4. Drive solutions to material issues which includes working with Quality Assurance, New Product Development, Procurement and production guys to avoid material shortage.
  5. Support cost reduction projects and improvement initiatives to achieve overall business objectives.
  6. Chair daily production meeting to settle issues happened in production.
  7. Control excess material on low level as possible as we can through careful materials planning and P/O Management.
  8. Chase after mold repair schedule to ensure all molds can resume production before deadline.

Job Requirements

  1. Bachelor Degree.
  2. Major in logistics, trade, commerce, supply chain management, etc.
  3. 5+ years of experience in materials planning including 3+ years in a management role, production planning and supply chain management, rich experience of purchasing is required and international molding company is preferred.
  4. CET 4 is required.
  5. Molding and tooling, familiar with SAP´╝îMRPII, Good interpersonal skills.
  6. Strong financial and analytical ability.