Senior Engineer - AME (Advance manufacturing engineering)

Job Responsibilities

  1. New process setup and trial run, preparing for mass production.
  2. Make production manufacture plan to quote price for the customers/guests.
  3. Prepare documents for pilot run, including WI, PFMEA, Process flow chart. 
  4. Develop manufacturing process for assembly products, evaluate machine and fixture cost for new product.
  5. Design and develop semi-automatic machine and fixture.
  6. Design and development of large-scale automated assembly lines.
  7. Production line continuous improvement with Line balance, semi-auto or full automation introduction. (Labor cost reduce).

Job Requirements

  1. Good English and communication skills.
  2. Strong problem solving skill and strong ability on continuous improvement.
  3. Software UG/ProE/Soliworks/CAD
  4. Familiar well with plastic industrial process method, like molding, printing ,welding,assembly ).
  5. Be familiar with fixture design concept.
  6. Know well with ME department working process flow and method.