Senior Engineer - Automation

Job Responsibilities

  1. Involve in design, develop, setup and debug automatic assembly line and fixture.
  2. Weekly, monthly and yearly equipment maintenance.
  3. Verify and validate automatic assembly lines, including maintain and/or upgrade PLC program if necessary.
  4. Prepare documents for pilot run, including WI, PFMEA, Process flow chart, and EO book.
  5. Production line - continuous improvement with line balance, semi-auto or full automation introduction, labor cost reduction.
  6. New process setup and trial run, preparing and training operators for mass production.

Job Requirements    

  1. Work experience: At least 3 years and above of EE/ME work experiences in EMS/OEM/ODM company.
  2. Familiar with equipment maintenance and/or adjustment like auto-assembly, ultrasonic welding and testing.
  3. Familiar with fixture and automatic assembly line design concept.
  4. Familiar with PLC program.
  5. Good command of English.
  6. Strong problem solving skill and strong ability on continuous improvement.
  7. Skillful communication with team member.