Award-winning product design and world-class manufacturing for leading consumer brands

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Every step of the way

From first sketch to final delivery, Hayco works closely with partners to understand the complexities of their business and deliver a simple, seamless production solution. Our relationships are built on our extraordinary levels of engagement, because we know this is what it takes to truly deliver innovative solutions and manufacturing excellence.

Immersed in every detail

The world moves fast, and manufacturing needs to keep pace. At Hayco, millions of tiny parts move through our factories every day, and our products reach millions of people around the world. This is why we continually invest in new technology, talented people, inspiring projects and a culture of learning and curiosity.

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Manufacturing Excellence


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A family business with global impact

Hayco started out as a family business, and while our scale and reach have grown, we still operate and think of ourselves as a family business. Our leadership is guided by a strict moral compass. Recognizing the impact of our industry on the environment, we’re committed to delivering sustainable solutions—from process to packaging.