Manager - Product Engineering

Job Responsibilities

  1. Establish component protocol verification test plan and finished product spec qualification test plan to qualify mold or part for mass production.
  2. Prepare all of component samples to do the verification and qualification.
  3. Analyze failure trial samples root cause such as out of dim. and cosmetic issue.
  4. Establish cost of materials based on customer request of quotation to value the profit.
  5. Analyze finished unit function failure root cause and make next action to assure the quality acceptable.
  6. Prepare component approval form for mass production.
  7. Service early mass production component and finished unit quality issue to assure production smoothly.
  8. Cooperate with and implement the company's lean production requirements and policies.
  9. Familiar with and strictly abide Hayco Quality policy, EHS policy 、HR policies 、C-TPAT、AEO standards、GMP etc. and related implementation requirement.

Job Requirements

  1. Bachelor degree or above.
  2. Major in Engineering.
  3. Work Experience in Manufacturing engineering
  4. Familiar with mold, injection molding, product validation related knowledge
  5. Good command of English listening, speaking, reading and writing.
  6. Good at communication and problem solving.
  7. Leadership