Our commitment to quality assurance is evident at every stage of our process. We take pride in staying up to date with all official accreditation standards and regulations. We offer full microbiological testing and traceability in accordance with FDA standards.

In more than 30 years of company history, we have had zero customer recalls.

We assure quality through the following five gates:

  • Incoming quality control
  • In-process quality control
  • Line quality control
  • Final quality audit
  • Customer pre-shipment inspection

Global Quality Certificates and Compliance

ISO13485 (2016) QMS for medical device

Intertek | Since 2011

ISO9001:2015 QMS Certificate

Intertek | Since 2005

ISO14001:2015 EMS Certificate

Intertek | Since 2005

ISO50001 Energy MS Certificate

CQC | Since 2016

IETP Certificate

ICTI | Since 2006

GSV Global Security Verification

Intertek | Since 2008