Senior Engineer - IE

Job Responsibilities

  1. Key contributes to material flow improvement/ warehouse optimization/ space utilization improvement.
  2. Support New Hayco China projects.
  3. Support new project line layout and material flow design.
  4. Update and maintain Hayco companywide layout.
  5. Maintain and achieve ME department KPI through teamwork.
  6. IE tool training.
  7. Support total productive maintenance.

Job Requirements

  1. Minimum Bachelor degree in Engineering.
  2. At least 5 years' experience in IE engineer role. IE/PIE work experiences in EMS/OEM/ODM company.
  3. Software - Fluent and competent with latest AutoCAD version / Excel /PowerPoint.
  4. Good at material flow improvement and warehouse space optimization.
  5. Familiar well with Kaizen/ lean projects /VSM...etc. Lean production concept, have experience for Total Productive Maintenance implementation.
  6. Familiar well with plastic industrial process method, like molding, printing ,welding and assembly.
  7. Know well with ME department working process flow and method.
  8. Very strong problem solving skill and strong ability on continuous improvement.
  9. Good English communication and written skills.