How does Hayco’s Total Quality Management (TQM) work?

At Hayco, Total Quality Management (TQM) are upheld and implemented with an aim to exceed customers’ expectations. Quality is containing four key areas to support the entire business and to ensure the quality of our new product design and development, mold, material, product and processes is well maintained.

Advanced Quality Engineering

The Advanced Quality Engineering Department (AQE) is focusing new product engineering specifications and test plans. Ensuring parts, product and processes are qualified. AQE works closely with New Product Development department and help at every stage of the new product development (NPD) and new introduction (NPI) process to deliver high-quality, safe devices and equipment.

Supplier Quality Engineering

The Supplier Quality Engineering Team (SQE) will work with suppliers and engineers to ensure the materials used consistently meet our standards in design and manufacturing needs in China and DR. Early Supplier Involvement is one of the key processes as part of new product development. Final specifications for raw materials and components should be provided to suppliers. As necessary, suppliers should be qualified to produce the materials or parts that go into the product.

Manufacturing Quality

Once a product is verified and validated, it can then be launched and put into production. Internally, the manufacturing process, workflows and business processes built on industry best practices should be set up, operators should be trained, quality controls should be established, and the process should be verified. 

To protect customers, establishing ‘fitness for purpose’ is crucial for many products. Quality is the extent to which a user’s needs and expectations are met. The Manufacturing Quality Team deals with manufacturing and process controls in the factory, and is responsible for the consistency of shipped products.  At the same time QA Test Lab will conduct product testing to ensure that products are fit-for-use while our specification team writes the details for each design, and finally, we ensure the product complies with all regulations. The Manufacturing Quality Team ensures that each step is executed correctly, with complete, fully traceable data.

Global Quality Office
Standardization is vital in creating and sustaining quality. A level of quality is achieved by an organization’s compliance with an acceptable standard for the product, and also compliance with another standard for the organization’s effective quality management system that ensures consistent achievement throughout its production processes.

The Global Quality Office is responsible to ensure Hayco has globally compliance to the highest international Quality, Environmental, and Social Responsibility standards in the world.  This includes Systems defined by the International Standards Organization (ISO), International Council of Toy Industries (ICTI) and Responsible Business Alliance (RBA). The Global Quality Office is responsible global quality technology and competence development such as Statistical Process Control (SPC), Manufacturing Execution System (MES) and 6 Sigma competences.

Hayco foster continuous quality improvement to reduce defects and improve quality through measuring, monitoring, analyzing and improving.  Hayco’s Total Quality Management (TQM) help facilitate its core values of partnership, innovation and excellence and achieve long-term success through exceeding customer satisfaction.