Successful manufacturing is the culmination of expertise, technology and the right people. Our design and engineering teams deliver solutions that offer more than technical acuity and a rich heritage of experience. We’re focused on building products and relationships that shape lives. 

Co-innovate with us

Our aim is to blend our own design and engineering expertise with that of our customers, because what they know is just as important as what we do. This combined know-how is at the heart of our success in making exceptional consumer products. We have the capability to conduct in-house ideation, modelling, rapid prototyping and more.

Design every detail

Our product developers and engineers are conceptual, industrial, customer-focused and tenacious. Teams are on hand to help with everything from rapid tooling to packaging design, providing complete end-to-end solutions focused on creating products with purpose.

Our machines make things happen

We’ve been brush-makers for more than a hundred years, but our ability to adapt to changing needs has helped us evolve our service. From mold-making, injection-stretch blow-molding and packaging assembly, to packaging print solutions and beyond, we continue to invest in more efficient, cost-effective and environmentally conscious equipment.

Linking the entire chain

We’re based at the heart of the action in Asia, where packaging, shipping, and supply chains intersect. Our purchasing and supply-chain management teams handle 6,000 TEU containers a year – and procure more than a billion incoming components from our quality-approved supplier partners. Every year we effectively and efficiently deliver more than 180 million products, backed by comprehensive traceability, to our customers in some 40 countries. And we closely monitor vendor performance to ensure integrity at every stage.